Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yesterday morning was mild and wet. The rains they had forecast to arrive about 2:00am actually made their appearance at about 6:00am.

I looked outside the front door at the wet sidewalk and sneered, "We ride, rain or shine!"

I turned away from the weather and started for my gear. That's when my daughter, Nicole, informs me she needs to ride with me. Her car is out of gas and she is out of money. She knows better than to ask for money, so she asks for a ride.

Being that she does not have any rain gear, I opted to take the Civic and her to work.

This morning was dry. The skies cleared over night and cooler air moved into the area. In fact, the air was a lot cooler by about 20ºF. That made it about 42ºF.

And Nicole still has no gas or money and needs a ride.

So the choices before me seemed simple: Ride, and hope she doesn't get too cold on the 45 minute ride to east side of the big city, or drive, and silently despise the fact that I'm caging it on what is promised to be a spectacular fall day.

On the way home today, I will roll down all the windows in my Civic and pretend. But it won't be the same. Not by a long shot.

Ride Safe!

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