Tuesday, November 25, 2008

An Attitude of Gratitude

I have been extremely busy at work.

Although I've not been able to post very much or keep up on my regular blog reading, being busy is good. With all the gloom and doom associated with the economic melt down, I'm thankful. There are multitudes that are not as fortunate.

For the past 3 weeks almost, the weather in Ohio has had a Suck Factor near the top of the scale, at least for riding. Frigid mornings, overcast skies, rain, sleet and snow with only a smattering of sun. Yet, I am thankful because my home is warm and dry and my car still gets me to and from the grocery store where the shelves are always full.

I am amazed and disheartened that as Americans we take so much for granted. In our capitalistic lifestyles we have come to expect that whatever we want, it will be available. Enough warmth, enough food, enough shelter, money, peace, toys, time. We expect with an entitlement attitude and then complain to whoever might listen when there isn't enough.

Were it not for others before us, our lives would be vastly different. And I'm grateful.

A friend sent me a link to a web site called The Gratitude Campaign which features a short video about expressing gratitude toward active military personal. This is not about whether the Iraq war is just or whether we should be there.

Its about saying, "Thanks."

And then that got me to thinking about the upcoming Thanksgiving Day holiday and being thankful for a lot of things.

So, thanks for stopping by and sharing your stories, insights, tips and tricks.

Here's the video.


dave said...

Thanks for the reminder about our service men and women. We can and should support those in service whether we agree/disagree with why they are there. Without them we would not have our freedom.
As for the weather here in Ohio, we got out Sunday and rode - hope you had the same chance. Wasn't a long day but I hate not riding if the sun is shining and it is above 45F.
ride safe!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info Doug. We'll start using this method today. Thanks again for supporting our defenders

I also like your map of places visited. Can you tell me were I might be able to get one for my computer?

All the Gear, All the Time, Tom

Doug C said...

Dave - The sun always makes it seem warmer than it really is. Also helps to improve my outlook!
Prob'ly has something to do with S.A.D - Seasonal Affected Disorder

Anonymous - The US map is a software product epgSoft.com.

The Ohio map is an image I DLed from the state web site and use MS Paint from time to time for updates.

Thanks for visiting.

Earl Thomas said...

We are slammed where I work as well which can make life miserable at times, but like you, I also remind myself to be grateful for being too busy, things could be much worse.


Doug C said...

Earl - Enjoy your day off with the family.

Steve said...

Thanks for posting this Doug. The Gratitude Campaign is a clever, non-intrusive way to show your appreciation to those who sacrifice for their country.

Getting the word out like this is important for these campaigns to be effective.