Monday, December 8, 2008

Things I've been chasing around in my head:

3 holiday parties down, 2 more parties, 2 pageants and 1 show to go.

Gasoline prices in central Ohio are the lowest in 5 years. around $1.50 a gallon. That's nice but it won't last.

First significant snow fall of the season this past weekend - about 2 inches. Roads are clear now but were messy over the weekend.

Temps have been acting like January, not December. About 20ยบ F below normal. I haven't been able to ride since Thanksgiving Day and I'm cranky.

A problem PC (or a PEBKAC error) in Virginia Beach, VA I must fix remotely.

Another problem PC in Phoenix I need to diagnose remotely.

Got to create user accounts for new hires - I wish the managers would give me a day or two lead time before telling me "the employee starts today. What are the network credentials?"

Christmas shopping. I'll start in January.

Looking at this list before I click the Publish Post button, I realize that anything remotely associated with bikes and riding is definitely in the minority. That's too bad.

If I can't ride because of the cold or frozen precipitation, I guess I'll start planning rides for when the weather turns more favorable. Maybe West Virginia, or upstate New York. Or maybe Nazareth, Pennsylvania. I always wanted to tour the C. F. Martin Guitar Company. I still have 3 more corners of the state to visit: Cinci, Ashtabula, Toledo/Defiance.


dave said...

when you get ready to come to Cincy give me some notice, maybe have lunch and a short ride together before you take off for other parts

Doug C said...

Will do, Dave. Maybe you can show this pilgrim some of the nicer routes in the area. I've always shied away from the 4 counties (so far)in that corner since on the map it looks so... urbanized.

But I bet there are plenty of nice places and spaces around there.

Lance said...

I would second the Martin factory tour. I hear it's a good one, and while I don't have a Martin (yet), I've always liked their guitars.

Doug C said...

Lance - Many of us have seen Steve Williams' (Scooter in the Sticks)photos from that neck of the woods and know how scenic the area is. The factory tour could almost be a secondary incentive for the trip.

Take care.

BAM said...

WOW - Small world.. I just came across your site from another blog.

I was born and raised in Newark.. Amazing how you can grow up there and not realize what you missed. I like your site and will follow it.

I tend to go back and visit the family periodially and hope to ride while there next time.



Doug C said...

BAM - I too move out of Nerk for about 10 years but came back in '89. Been stuck here ever since. ;-0

But I've been thinking I need to have a couple of homes: one in this neck of the midwest and another in the southwest, AZ or NM would be nice. They say the weather is always perfect in AZ... As long as you like hot or hot with a little dry thrown in.

Take Care