Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dodged a bullet

Well, we may have dodged a bullet, at least in my county. The national weather guessers said between 6 and 11 inches of snow would be dropped from this winter storm but part of the night warmed up above freezing and instead we got about a half inch of ice and then about 5 inches of snow before it moved out headed for Pennsylvania. Look out Steve!

The good news is I had the common sense not to brave the highways this morning at 4:30am and eventually find myself stuck in a hotel or worse not able to navigate my way home. So I encouraged my company's management to close the office, which they did, and then trudged out to the garage and took Irondad's advice: sat on my motorcycle and made motor noises.

Not really.

What I did was review the itinerary for the proposed California trip. I'm still not sure we're going yet. Like the young person who at first thinks the job as a soda jerk in the ice cream shop is the career of a lifetime only to realize that "All the ice cream you can eat" grows tiresome after a few too many dips, I too, thought that the opportunity to ride from California to the Pacific Northwest and then head for home would be the trip to die for!

It might be. But being a little older than a young person, and having learned years ago to look before I leap, I started scrutinizing all the possible details, costs and benefits of a trip to the west coast. Our leaderperson for the group handed out an itinerary last night at the Pizza Cottage. I'm still reviewing it:

= = = = = = = =

Trip of a lifetime
Day 1 – Fly to San Jose pick up bikes at HD Shop Ask for Bubba
Day 2 – San Francisco 50 miles
Day 3 – First day of ride – RT1 Coastline of CA to Fort Bragg 183 miles
Day 4 – Crescent City, CA riding through the Redwoods 211 miles
Day 5 – Newport, OR 232 miles
Day 6 – Olympia, WA (drop some wives off to fly home) 231 miles
Day 7 – Yakima, WA 185 miles
Day 8 – Orofino, ID 254 miles
Day 9 – Bozeman, MT (partly highway) 372 miles
Day 10 – Cody, WY (Yellowstone National Park) 200 miles
Day 11 – Gillette, WY 251 miles

Day 12 – Spearfish, SD 93 miles
Day 13 (Sturgis)

Day 14 – Have 4 days to get home 1357 miles
Day 15
Day 16
Day 17 – Arrive home 3636 Miles Total

Estimated Costs per couple

Flight $350
Hotels $1280 $80.00 per day x 16
Food $800 $50.00 per day x 16
Freight to CA $325
Gas ($3 Gal) $320 $20 per day x 16

Total $2925

= = = = = = =

I copied it here just as he had it typed up. There might be as many as 8 bikes and 15 people. If we all didn't get along so well together I'd be skeptical of a peaceful trip. Then again, I've never spent 2 weeks on a bike with this group. Familiarity tends to change some of a group's dynamics.

When I showed the paper to Teresa, she looked it over and asked quietly, "Do you think we can get the new seat before the trip?" The longest we have ever ridden in one day was a little over 300 miles, which on a cruiser ain't bad. Still, if Mama is saddle sore and not happy, ain't nobody happy.

I'll keep you posted on the seat situation...


D. Brent Miller said...

Doug, here in the Cincinnati area, we took a pretty good hit. You should see the pictures of wall-to-wall semi trucks on a hill blocking I-71/75 south of the Ohio River in Kentucky.

My wife has been working from home for two days. Finally, the storm has passed and a little sunshine has come out.

Regarding your MC trip planning: That sounds like a fun trip. Go for the adventure. You'll be with friends, and it will be a trip of a lifetime.


Steve Williams said...

We didn't miss the snow here. More white stuff to shovel and groan over.

Your riding adventure sounds great. My only reflection related to my own estimating for travel is take the final number and multiply it by two.

For home repairs multiply the number by five.

Best wishes for a great trip!

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

dave said...

Well it sounds like an exciting trip - I would love to do something like this with my son and BIL. The dynamics of eight riders (and their passengers) could make this the trip of a lifetime or a trip from hell. Just ask D.Brent about the discussions that go around an hour and a half breakfast ride and how to keep everybody happy. As long as it doesn't turn into a forced march where everyone has to keep up or everyone has to stop at the same overlook it could be a great time. Better buy that new seat.

Micah said...

Sounds like a great trip! I'm really starting to get jealous.

irondad said...

Dang, I was all excited there for a minute! Vrrroooom, vrrrroooom.

Conchscooter said...

Well, you could go an enjoy the trip (while blowing at least three grand). Or you could stay home and spend the rest of your life wondering what it would have been like. Over thinking kills way too many good ideas.

Doug C said...

I have about a month before we make the final decision on whether to go or not. We'll see. I'm still cautiosly optimistic. The misses is kinda waffling.