Friday, January 23, 2009

Harley-Davidson plans job cuts

The York (Pennsylvania) Daily Record reported this morning that Harley-Davidson plans to cut about 1,100 jobs companywide over the next two years as it cuts production by up to 13 percent. More signs of economic troubles.

Harley-Davidson has some of its operations (paint and finish maybe?) in Pennsylvania.

Details here.

And a Wednesday, January 21 story published on says that Harley-Davidson is seeking federal bailout for its finance division.

Details here.

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I am told by long time Harley owners that not long ago that there was a long waiting list for Harleys and most of the Harleys sold were used. One friend said that if you were fortunate enough to get a new Harley you could immediately turn around and sell it for a nifty profit.

Now, not surprisingly, many HD dealership have bikes from more than one model year on the sales floor.

Doug C


Arizona Harley Dude said...

I dropped my bike off for service on a Wednesday and there were no other bikes in the service entrance. Usually there are 15 - 20.

I went inside and looked at the new bikes and saw an 08 Ultra priced at 18,995. I picked my bike up Friday with a friend who wanted to look at the bikes. That 08 now had a posted price of 21,995 for the weekend. Makes you wonder what the Dealer is thinking doing things like that. Maybe most people don't get there in the middle of the week or if you do you get a way better deal. For me it goes to business practice.

irondad said...

This does seem like the ultimate commentary on the state of bike sales right now. In a philosophical way, maybe the current market is a reminder to quit looking for something new and concentrate on loving what we have. Mechanical and human!

Baron's Life said...

It is sad to see and hear about the layoffs. 1000 job cuts will directly and indirectly affect about 3ooo or more people when you count family members, other suppliers involved, etc...
HD has made it out of the woods fact so much so that the HD brand is well known and coveted in Europe and Asia...most particularly Japan. It's the in thing to own a Harley. Let's hope we get out of this recession soon as we want to see new bikes on the road...Anyone been to Laguna Beach CA and seen these beautiful machines lined up outside restaurants and in parking spots...just makes you drool. I'd hate to see HD die and go out of Business.