Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Key West Clipper

The snow fell steadily all day and the temperatures hovered around 24º F; an Alberta clipper, they called it. I left work around 3:30 hoping to beat some of the traffic but it was futile. My dry road commute normally takes about 50 minutes. Tonight it was nearly 3 hours.

The weather people on the local news say we have about 6 inches of the white stuff on the ground and now that I'm home I can look out my front door and admire its beauty. But driving in it sucks.

The only bright spot in the entire 3 hour trip home was the back side of this vehicle. We were stopped waiting for something when I pondered all of the stickers placed there to let the world know that the owner travels and presumably has an opinion about several subjects.

Then my eye focused on the green sticker on the right side. I took a picture with my camera phone and so its really blurry.

When I saw the sticker, it took me away to a sun bathed, sub-tropical paradise with bicycles and scooters on the street, tourists on the sidewalk, and Conchscooter just a few miles up the highway.

The sticker says:

Key West


Baron's Life said...

From 50 min to 3 hrs that's a hell of a huge difference. Hope you had some good music or movie to entertain you... The blurry picture off the cell is a lot better than some pictures I've seen pros take.
Relax, enjoy, take it easy...sunshine is only a few inches away...!

Doug C said...

Baron - "...sunshine is only a few inches away..." I love it!

irondad said...

Are you going to have to drive back and forth to work or can you work from home? Hang in there!

Doug C said...

Dan - Fortunately, Thursday and today were better as far the roads go... -14º over night, but better roads.

Usually, I could work from home and complete my tasks. But the Boss is in town and, though he won't admit it, if a body isn't in the office, the body isn't working.

He thinks that everyone is like him.

Have a great weekend. Better days are around the corner.

Conchscooter said...

Finally I get to see those mile marker zero stickers doing their job. They look redundant down here n the backsides of snowbirds doing 40 in a 55mph zone.
I'm kind of shocked you'd let such conditions keep you off your motorcycle,and irondad treated you so gently for wussing out!

Singing to Jeffrey's Tune said...

Brilliant post!