Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mid-west Winter DTs

As multitudes of mid-west riders have known for years and I am reminded daily, winter riding in the mid-west is pretty much hit or miss. This year its mostly miss.

I am always greatly impressed by the fortitude and determination to ride in winter by riders like Steve Williams (Scooter in the Sticks), Dom - blogger handle is Charlie6 - (Redleg's Rides ), and of course Dan Bateman (Musings of an Intrepid Commuter) who rides for work in the Pacific Northwest come rain or snow or more rain. A definite Road Warrior.

But this rider knows his limits and draws the line at snow and ice cover roads and temps below 25ºF. In an effort to stave off the riding withdrawal symptoms that always come this time of year, trips are planned, catalogs are drooled over, and books and blogs are read. These actions only serve to take the edge off. A little.

I have a couple dozen blogs that I regularly read. Many of them are listed in the column on the right. I have been remiss in keeping the list up to date and today realized that a couple more need added.

Allen Madding's blog (Allen Madding's Musings) has been around for a long time and I've been reading his writings for months. (I can't believe I overlooked listing you Allen.) Allen is a fellow IT professional (actually, I'm not in the same league as he but we do similar work) and also offers technical advice via the Free Tech Answers blog.

Another site that I added to the Riding News and Resource list was brought to my attention via an email to my Google GMail account. The site's name is Black N Blue Motorcycle Blog and, name connotations aside, seems to be a good resource for motorcycle news articles, events, blogs, and products.

The site has a nice clean look to it and although they have been around off and on since 2001 I just discovered them and they promise they're online for good, now.

So if you find yourself a bit irritable and little depressed each time you look outside at the snow and freezing temperatures maybe you're like me and going through riding withdrawal. Pull up a chair and read a blog or book or product review.

If that doesn't take the edge off, try doing it with your helmet or goggles on. I won't tell.
Ride if you can.
Doug C


Micah said...

I'm definitely getting antsy. I'm ready for a warm day that gets rid of all of the ice and snow.

Out of boredom, I tore my bike apart yesterday, installed new handlebars, fork springs, grips, and a taillight modulator.

I just wish that I could go try all of it out!!

Doug C said...

Micah - I'm not much of a wrencher (yet) but if I were I'd be doing the same thing as you.

The temps today are supposed to climb towards 40 or so, not too cold for me. Unfortunately, I have about 3 blocks of snow and ice covered brick streets to navigate before I get to where I can see pavement.

Allen Madding said...

Thanks for the kind words. I'm grateful I only have to battle cold temps below freezing without the regular ice and snow that other areas endure. Here in the metro area, Warm clothing and electric gloves make the winter riding tolerable.

I'm finding it very interesting that I meet as many IT folks that ride. It's a great outlet to clear our minds from the frustrations of our occupation :)


Doug C said...

Allen - I also am surprised by the number of IT riders. However, I think the riding community is a reflection of the larger community on the whole, and there are more riders out there in general.

IT has it's own frustrations that's for sure. The IT people that bridge the gap between the "user" and the "technology" have the hardest job: They need the patience of Job, the speed of Flash Gordon, and brain power of Einstein.

I've decided I ain't there yet!