Monday, January 5, 2009

Put away Give away Throw away

"We have too much stuff!" I said to my bride. She gave me one of those "you're just now realizing it?" looks.

No, I didn't just realize it. I've known it for some time but knowing and facing facts face to face are two different things. I have the terrible malady of being a pack rat with less than optimal organization skills and we have too much stuff.

There. I've said it. "But", I explain to Teresa, "the stuff I save is not junk. Its... its Junque!"

What brought on this epiphany was a new microwave oven. The display on the old one was missing several segments that made reading the minutes and seconds more akin to cooking by calendar instead of timer. So, Santa brought a new one and in the process of swapping the new for the old, we needed to clean and organize the area.

That meant that all of the coffee mugs in the mug rack above the oven used for "temporary" storage of stuff like shoestrings, old coins, old keys, and whatever, needed emptied and the stuff place in a more permanent home like they should have in the first place.

The 2nd cup that the missus emptied caused an exclamation. "What the heck are these?!?"

It was a key ring with a key fob, a car key and a Kwikset door key.

"I think they're my old house and car keys," I said.

"You mean the ones you "lost" on that motorcycle ride last spring? It cost $64 to replace the key and fob!"


Yeah, we have to much stuff. Divestment seems to be in order. Put away. Give away. Throw away.


Singing to Jeffrey's Tune said...

I am in that mode myself, so I feel your pain!

irondad said...

Funny story! Thanks for the tip. I never thought of using coffee cups for anything but coffee, coins, and pens. I could be utilizing this resource a lot more.

Doug C said...

Jeffery - I sometimes wish I were like some people that have more of a minimalist mindset but I was raised with "let's save that for later. We might need it" always in my ears.

I beginning to come around to the belief that if you haven't used "it" some many weeks, months, years, find a different home for "it".

Dan - If you can't tell stories on yourself, who can you tell them on? :-)

D. Brent Miller said...

Doug, I've been trying to "downsize" with some of my stuff. My wife wants me to build shelves so that we're just "better organized." I think some compromise is in order, but I still want to filter out some junk. You know the kind of junk I mean. The stuff that's been in boxes since we moved and hasn't been missed!


Doug C said...

Brent - I am so there. I think that since riding weather - weather without ice and snow - looks to be weeks away, now might be the best opportunity to work that compromise.

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