Monday, February 16, 2009

Last Friday, for the first time in too long a time, I rode to work. My commute is about an hour long and the pre-dawn temps, around 26º F, were low enough that I needed to stop about half way to my destination for some warmth in the form of some Tim Horton's coffee and a doughnut. I got some strange looks from a group of 4 retired looking gents talking commercial real estate prices.

The ride home later that day was much better and easier. The sun was in full brilliance and the temps recovered to about 45º F. I saw 2 or 3 other riders in and around Columbus on the outerbelt. We all acknowledged each other's presence with a wave.

When I reached Granville, about 5 or 6 miles from home, I passed a group of 10 or 12 Harley riders heading the opposite direction. A grassy median strip separated us but even though my arm was outstretched, not a single wave returned. Oh, well. No accounting for attitude, I thought.

Saturday morning I sat down with a cup of coffee and the day's paper perusing the dismal news reports on the front page. I opened the page to the local news and realized why none of the Harley riders returned my gesture: The group I saw was part of several hundred riders that followed Bruce "Dog Bite" Hamilton to his final resting place.

Bruce was a former Zanesville chapter president of the International Bikers Association and these riders were honoring him. I bet they would have ridden with him even if the weather had been less than favorable.


irondad said...

For a bit I was feeling smug, having a big sport touring bike, and all. No need to stop to warm up for an hour's ride in 26 degrees!

Then I thought, hey, how cool to have an excuse to stop for coffee and a donut part way there.

This time of year is pretty neat, isn't it? Riding in the cold to work is the effort for the great reward of riding home in the warm ( relatively speaking of course! )

Doug C said...

Definitely am considering some air deflectors for the forks. But you're right, the ride home was worth the morning effort.

Allen Madding said...

I kinda cherish the looks of the folks that seem startled and then wish they had what it takes to brave the cold and ride.

Tim Horton's does sound good :)