Friday, February 20, 2009

Papers Please

In an Associated Press interview, President Obama's new transportation secretary says taxing how much we drive may replace gasoline tax.

The current tax process, taxing the gasoline we buy, is not generating enough revenue to cover all of the money that has been promised to the states, because the cost of gasoline limited how much we bought and drove. Electric vehicles are also making headway in the market which is also reducing consumption and thus, revenue.

The article posted on indicated that officials are looking at GPS technology to track a driver's mileage and calculate the tax bill.

UPDATE: President O nixed the idea on Friday. If the President is the sum of all of the people around him, why does he have people like his transportation secretary suggesting dumb stuff like this?

I guess some states have already tossed this idea around amidst a great deal of clamor from the public.

What do you think?

Have your politicians suggested something like this in your state?


fasthair said...

Mr CO: With all due respect to your blog. They can kiss my red white and blue ***!!! This administration is going to tax us until we have nothing left, mark my words. Track us by GPS? Just who is going to pay for those units? Are they going to give one to everyone in the USA. Oh that's a good way to save money isn't it? No? What they want ME to pay for it so they can tax me more. Sure I'll sign right up. So far so good from the new guy. Not.


Baron's Life said...

Doug.... You and I grew up in the same era and can probably relate to Big Brother is watching...George Ornwell
Cheers mate...they're coming to get better ride into the Horizon and Enjoy.

Doug C said...

Fasthair - I just can't see this sorta thing flying very far. I did realize other states had proposed it, either.

Baron - Anonymity and personal privacy is an illusion.

webwarrior said...

They won't track by GPS. Just a guess, but I figure if they allowed this tax, you'd have to give your odomoter reading when you renew your license plates every year. No investment needed for the GOV.

Reckon I'll change lifestyle, become Amish & drive a buggy. Giddyup!

Anonymous said...

Big Brother, (pun not intended), is rearing his swollen head up.

Ride on,

Doug C said...

I guess the pres nixed the idea on Friday. Wise decision.

I've grown weary of defending my civil liberies...

Webwarrior - tThe Odometer method would be te most economical but would invite a bunch of odometer fraud. Let just hope this beast is buried for a while.

irondad said...

Here in Oregon our governor, Ted Tax and Gouge Me, has proposed the same thing. He's even allocated some big dollars for a test program. The same idea of GPS technology is being used. Then the readings will be downloaded at pay stations.

There's a problem with it, though. As far as I know, the units would have to be installed by the car manufacturers. This will only add to the cost of cars and the Big Three are already in over their heads. The manufacturers also won't do it for just cars sold in one state only. It would have to be a nationwide thing.

Secondly, our Governor is talking out of both sides of his mouth. I think he wants his Swan Song to be that he pushed to make Oregon a "green" state. The mileage tax will defeat any motivation to use more fuel efficient vehicles. So one of his ideas is exclusive to the other.

I agree with the other sentiments. Government won't be happy until they have the really short tax return form.

How much money did you make last year? Send it all to us!

Jeff said...

They have all that money to give away, and so little for motorcycle riders. The FhWA needs a quick $5 million to potentially (so they say) save lives.

Riders represent <.5% highway use, but 12.55% Hwy. fatalities, and the gov. wants answers, but has spent very little for them ...

See my report if you want to know what I am referring to.


Doug C said...

Dan - I am so frustrated at the
curent state of economic affairs I could spit. The money that the government keeps burning through doesn't belong to the government, it belongs to us.

Jeff - Interesting article. It sounds like Mr. Tree needs to submit a request for some stimulus funds if he hasn't already. At least the state of OK (and OR for that matter) has initiated a proactive effort. I have no idea where Ohio stands.

Vstar Fan said...

I don't think that we've heard the end of this one. Anything that they think they can do to get just a little more won't be completely forgotten. They'll just try a new angle, probably something more expensive. And it will probably be kept a little more quiet next time, until it's already pushed through. Then the fat lady will sing and your wallet will cry.