Monday, February 2, 2009


Warm and Dry Weekend
Central Ohio had some great weather this past weekend - above normal temps and dry. I however, was not out riding. I spent the time nursing a wrenched back from a fall on a slippery spot. Besides, I have about 3 blocks of snow and ice covered roads before I see any pavement.
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Ground Hog Day
Puxatony Phil, the renown Pennsylvania ground hog, will determine whether we have an early spring today. I wonder if Phil takes bribes?
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Super Bowl Sunday

Last night the Pittsburgh Steelers won the Super Bowl Championship for a record 6th time. My allegiance was divided. I like the Kurt Warner story, going from college ball, being skipped in the NFL draft, to working in a grocery store, then playing a couple years in arena football, and finally being picked up by the St Louis Rams about 10 years ago.

Pittsburgh, on the other hand, is QBed by an Ohio native, Ben Roethlisberger (I think most motorcycle riders remember when Ben crashed his Suzuki Hayabusa (June 2006) when a car turned in front of him) and a former Ohio State Buckeye, Santonio Holmes caught the winning touchdown pass. It was an entertaining game to the last second.

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State and Federal Taxes
I plan on starting our tax prep tonight. Every year my goal through out the year is to plan our payroll deductions, IRA deposits, and charitable donations so that we break even when tax time comes. While most of my co-workers celebrate $1000+ tax refunds, I pat myself on the back if I owe (or receive) less than $100. I'm willing to pay my share but I don't see the sense in loaning the government money interest free. I should know tonight how well I calculated.

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Win a New Motorcycle!
I received a sweepstakes offer in the mail last week: Win a New Harley-Davidson motorcycle! It came with an offer for several motorcycle magazines including Easyriders and V-Twin. I checked the "No Thanks, but enter me in the sweepstakes" box and put the card in the return envelope while my wife watched.

She asked if I ordered a magazine and I responded, "Yep. Easyriders." For that, I got a disapproving scowl. I smiled and then she knew better.

Ride Safe!


irondad said...

Ouch! on the fall. I fell on my ass at Fred Meyer's in the ice. I had a re-useable bag with two wine bottles in one hand, and a cup of Starbuck's in the other. Neither spilled or broke. Katie laughed at me until guilt overtook her. It took long enough, though.

Hope your back is quick to recover.

First time I ever had to put on my sunglasses when reading your blog!

Doug C said...

Dan - if you ever quit your day job, you might have a future in the circus as a juggler!
Nice Ray Bans.

irondad said...

How did you know they were Ray Ban's? Is my monitor starting to work both ways?

Lance said...

Doug, hope your back gets better quick! On the Superbowl, I wanted Arizona to win for Kurt Warner, but can't deny that the Steelers played a great game!

Doug C said...

Lance - This year's game was one of the better contests, that for sure.

Irondad - LOL! No, but if you ask one of the users I support in Illinois about that, she'd say "Yes" 'cause when her PC boots up the screen says, "Video BIOS Loaded - 128MB OK"