Friday, February 27, 2009

Whatever happened to shame?

There was a time when the thought of being shown in a compromising light would have been so overwhelmingly humiliating that to even consider the possibility of being caught in that light would cause one to shudder.

Now, its a badge of honor and a book deal. Or a consultancy position.

And don't worry about paying your tax bill. If you're caught just pay it and say, "I'm sorry. My mistake."

Whatever happened to humiliation? Whatever happened to shame?


Pistolmom said...

I agree! Please check out:

Baron's Life said...

Same thing as " pride"
Times have changed.
Our Grand Children will never know the World as we once knew it.
Pure and Simple.

Lance said...

Doug, I agree - there is little accountability out there for the wrongs that have been done.

I think I'll ask for a bailout - everyone else seems to be.