Saturday, March 7, 2009

First 70ºF Day of the Year

Saturday was a great day for a ride - the first 70ºF day of the year - so several of us decided to do just that. Five bikes left Newark headed for Iron Pony Motor Sports in Columbus. On the way we picked up two more riders in Granville.

One of the riders that joined our group was Nancy. Nancy is a special kind of rider. She's been riding for a long time. The vest that she is wearing in the photo is covered with pins. She has several vests, each of them covered with pins.
But the fact that she has pin covered vests does not make her special. What makes her special is the fact that she has been sticking pins to vest for 50 years. You see, Nancy recently celebrated her 70th birthday.
I'm not sure if she bought her new HD Low Rider to celebrate her birthday or she just wanted to do her part in stimulating the economy.

When I spoke with her outside of the Iron Pony she was lamenting the fact that since her bike was so new, it looked like everyone else's bike. She has plans to customize everything and especially add a few more pounds of chrome.
Nancy used to ride with her husband but he passed away several months ago at the age of 80. His last ride was when he was 78. So, now she keeps the riding tradition going with her daughter, Kelly and son-in-law, Don.
Nancy was a wonderful lady whose energy, enthusiasm, and spirit for both riding and life is an inspiration. I can only hope that I am able to be as active as she is when I'm her age.

Kudos, Nancy!

Ride well.


Allen Madding said...

God Bless Nancy! Ride on girl.


Baron's Life said...

A wonderful Story about Nancy..thanks for sharing this with us.

Lance said...

Nancy is an inspiration - thanks for telling her story!

Anonymous said...

Touching, very touching. That's some commitment to marriage and riding.

Ride on,