Monday, March 23, 2009

First Spring Ride - 2 Up, that is

We left the house around 1:00pm after I got home from Sunday services. Our destination? Cracker Barrel in Zanesville.

The sun was shinning brightly and the morning temps were warming nicely. It was about 45ºF when we left. The most direct route to Zanesville follows SR 16 east from Newark, a four lane freeway, to SR 146, a two lane arterial highway. The trip isusually a 25 minute run. However, regardless of my hunger, I decided to take the less traveled path.

We followed county roads half of the way there, through Marne and Hanover and then finally traveled SR 146 east the rest of the way. The current incarnation of State Route 146 took the place of the old Newark Road when the U.S. Corps of Army Engineers rebuilt the Dillon Reservoir Dam back in the 1950s and 60s, I think. So this route rides high and fairly straight and overlooks Dillon Lake on the south.

At least I was expecting to see Dillon Lake. The water level was lower than I ever remember it being. The level is controlled by the Corps and I suppose it is low right now anticipating the spring rains.

At the Cracker Barrel, I parked Lady in the front row of the parking lot and we were seated next to the windows looking at the bike. Well, Teresa was looking at the bike. I sat with my back to the window.

Sitting where you can see your bike used to be a requirement for me when we would eat out. I was always afraid that someone would steal something from the luggage - no luggage locks here.

Anymore, I just make sure nothing of value is in the bags. So when we do sit where we can watch the bike, we don't watch the bike per say. We watch people.

And that's the draw: watching people looking at the bike. Lady is nothing really special. There hasn't been a lot of added bling or customizing. But people always look. I'm sure they do the same thing with all two wheeled Beasts.

Most of the time its the men that linger a moment or two and it's their female partners that grab their hands and pull them along, as if they might catch something if they get too close. Well, like I said, I didn't watch this time, Teresa did. And every time someone would stop or pause she would say, "There's another one." I'd smile and take another sip of my coffee.

After lunch we headed towards home but decided to take a detour to visit my mom. Again, we took an indirect route. We passed through places like Toboso, Brushy Fork, and Chickenville, all of them found on county or township roads.

Twenty years ago, my father used to pastor this church...

When we arrived at Mom's we spent several minutes looking through photo albums that she had been working on over the winter. Mom is in her 70s now and after a request I made of her last fall about some photos of her mom (the one that grew up in the Ohio State Penn) she started sorting and cataloguing some of her old photographs and snap shots. She says if she doesn't do it, nobody will be able to after she's gone.

Teresa and I also had to provide some dates for family photos. You know, stuff like, "Christmas of 1986" and "Vacation of 1980" or "Easter 1982".

One of the photographs we stumbled upon had already been sorted and identified. When Maggie Lee, a 16 year old grand daughter saw this picture she said, "Boy, Grandma. It's easy to see why Grandpa was so hot for you!"

Marjorie Dill circa 1947 (Mom)

Teresa and I finally returned home after about 6 hours and somewhere between 150 and 175 miles. It was a good start to the riding season and just about perfect for March in Ohio.

The group of riders we hang with will start their monthly rides April 4th with a trip Waldo, Ohio. Waldo may be famous for a multitude of things, but the only thing on our mind is the fried bologna sandwich and the home made cream pies at G & R Tavern. I'm not a fan of bologna but as you can tell from my photo above, I don't pass up too many chances at cream pies.

Ride Safe.


Charlie6 said...

a very nice posting to start the riding season for are a good son.

Baron's Life said...

Eureca, you were finally able to get out there and enjoy a day with Teresa, Lady and your Mom...and still make the morning service.
Thank you Doug, for sharing such a lovely and well expressed story...Loved the details.

dave said...

cue the orchestra...memories...when I was a kid we used to travel between Cincinnati and the east coast (a lot!) and would always stop at Baker's Motel on 40 in Zanesville. We kids (5 total) were allowed the treat of a milkshake with our meals.
Keep cruisin' and writing :)

Doug C said...

Dave - I remember Baker's Motel and the milkshakes had to have been a real treat!

Baron - A day filled with ladies is always memorable.

Dom - Kind words. Thx

Charlie said...

Doug C -
It is funny how people will gawk at motorcycles no matter the brand or style. When Earl and I are out together people must stare for two reasons. They are a bit of an odd looking bike but I think people get a kick looking at the huge panniers on a "dirt bike".
Nice post about your ride. You can't beat a day with all your favorite ladies.