Saturday, March 28, 2009

I love coffee. Not to the point of being a coffee snob. In fact, I'll down all kinds of black swill but it's only the good brews that I drink to the dregs.
Back in December 2008 I wrote (but never posted) an article about my love of coffee and the caffeine addiction I have carefully developed and continue to foster. My intention when writing was to detail a ride I took earlier in the fall through south central Ohio.

But the words I wrote sort of took off on their own and the piece became a lament about how difficult it is to find a good cup of coffee when you're riding in rural areas. And while I enjoy a little whine now and then, there 's no need to share it excessively. So the work remains in draft form, perhaps for another venue and perhaps forever.

It is true that while rural Ohio is a great place to ride there are better places to find good coffee. My solution, I think, will be this:

That way, if I have a bad cup of joe I have only myself to blame.
Teresa, who can't stand coffee, gets her caffeine from cola products, with a preference towards Pepsi. Unfortunately for her, we found out last year that due to vibrations while riding, plastic bottles of carbonated beverages do not travel well. Good thing there are always one of these around every corner:

These containers are conveniently located but don't fit in the saddle bags.

Ride Safe!

Doug C

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irondad said...

You just haven't found the right saddlebags, yet! Or maybe a trailer for the Pepsi machine?