Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It is not the way to end any St. Patrick's Day. A car/motorcycle crash last night took the life of one rider last night. A witness at the scene said it looked like 2 riders were racing.

Here's a link to the story [Link]. Too sad.

The weather is central Ohio has been gorgeous. Yesterday the temps reached close to 70ºF and I was able to ride to and from work.

Today promises to be even better but no riding for me. I have to install two monsters at the data center: a UPS (about 40 pounds) and a server (about the size of a suit case and 80 pounds). So while I could probably balance make the trip with the UPS, the server is just too cumbersome.

Drive time for me...


Doug C


Baron's Life said...

A very unfortunate case but speed and racing (Where one isn't supposed to) will sooner or later get to you. I'm not sure why this happens sometimes...but, alas yes, it does happen. More safety courses and leaflets are needed especially for the novice and young of character.
Hope you got the server set-up OK

Doug C said...

The young have little sense of mortality...

Still working on the server but at least its in the right location... and remote control is a beautiful thing. :-)

Baron's Life said...

Yeah, I totally agree about the remote control...we've come a long way since the first XT models hit the market...years ago...feels like an eternity has gone by