Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's Alright

I turn onto my side in bed. The clock radio had been playing for several minutes. I know this because the alarm is set for 4:40am and I can see through one squinting eye that it is now 4:48am and I just turned it off.

I get out from under the covers and put my feet on the floor. I'm still tired though I've been asleep for 6+ hours. I stand and shuffle my way to the shower trying my best to ignore the siren's song calling me back to bed.

I get about half way to my destination and stop. My mind has instantly cleared. All my priorities have aligned themselves. My fatigue, that a moment ago was as tangible as it was frustrating, is now a fleeting memory. I find myself standing more erect, a little taller. I move with determination.

The challenges that I know await my attention at the office are no longer daunting and seem inconsequential, even trivial. This day has purpose. I have purpose. I am mildly irritated at myself for oversleeping, wasting 8 precious minutes of this purposeful day.

All of this focus, this redirection, this... what's the word? Invigoration? All of this takes place in a second. Less than a second, actually. It takes just a moment. Because in that moment just prior to my transformation, my metamorphosis, my epiphany, I have a moment of mental clarity and I realize that today is Thursday. Today I ride.

It's alright if my fingers get a little cold during my hour long commute in the 21ºF air today. (They did.) Because today, I ride.

It's alright if I have a user call complaining that they can't print and when I investigate, I discover that they have 27 print jobs in the queue - all the same document, because if it doesn't print after the first try, hitting the Print button 26 more times will make it work. (She will.) It's alright because today, I ride.

The day is starting out cold but my personal television weather guy (he never lies to me) says the sun will shine and temps will reach 60ºF. But even if the sun doesn't shine, it's alright.

I will leave the office today as the clock approaches 4:00pm and I will share highway space with some of the nation's worst drivers. I will probably take a detour on my homeward bound commute and add another 45 to 60 minutes to my already hour long drive. It's alright.

Because today, I ride.


RazorsEdge2112 said...

That was beautiful, Doug. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

How poignant and all too familiar. My alarm clock is also set at 4:4. That's am for those of you that did not know it comes around twice a day. Concentrating on the ride always brings solace..

Ride on,

Earl Thomas said...

Funny, my tech support guy had the same sarcasm in his voice over what I thought was an appropriate solution to the printer problem that I was experiencing a couple of days ago.........I plead ignorance.

60 degrees? I envy you. Tomorrow the "high" temperature for us will be 28. In like a lion out here.

Ride well Doug, and take the long way home for tomorrow for me, okay?


TKD Road Warrior said...

I love the irony. I can identify with your reflections brother. I too was an IT guy and have seen the same user PEBCAC error. But ride into the wind on two wheels while listening to some Stevie Ray Vaughn and the day's cares are but a fleeting memory and all is well with the world. Today my day too ended on the same note as yours. Ride on!

Doug C said...

Ken & John - The same cam be said of any activity one is passionate about, I suppose. But it has been such a long, cold and snowy winter, I couldn't the moment slip away.

Earl - I am nodding my head in understanding and empathy. I've done the same wondering wheer a print job went only to find a dozen print jobs stuck some place.

Spring is only 14 days away.

Jeff - PEBCAC & id10t errors are my day. But, nobody's born knowing this stuff. That's why life works better as a team . A ride always clears away the clutter. Ride.

Baron's Life said...

Very well written Doug. I enjoyed it and totally concur with you on the printing job case...for we see it all too often...but that's part of the job.
How do you get by on so little sleep..I need 8 hours of sleep B4 I can stand on my feet again.

Motor-head Lady said...

Very well written, I loved it. Thanks for sharing.

Doug C said...

Baron - The sleep thing can be a real pain. A lot of Saturdays I'll rack up 10 hours in the sack. Making up for the loss, I guess.

MHL - Thanks for your kind words. Anything that grabs one's passion has the ability to focus ones action as well.