Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Motorcycle Safety News

Jeff Cobb is a rider with a passion for safety. He's doing his part to encourage the use of safety equipment for riders and awareness for rider and non-riders alike.

Jeff is the force behind "Motorcycle Safety News", a site that offers both news article with in-depth reporting and commentary.

Check out his site, . If you like what you see and read, show him some love. If you really like what you see, send him some coin.

I've included a link to his site above and also in the Riding Blogs section on the right.

Look, we can't always be safe and sound. But we can be educated, minimize the risks, and then make our choice.


irondad said...

Thanks for the link. We can all use extra resources. By the way, I hate painting, too. ( from your last post ) The paint never seems to be able to tell the difference between me and the wall!

Baron's Life said...

Totally agree with and will promote his blog.
Personally..I'm not one for an airbag on my iron horse Sorry but no sir this ain't never going to happen on my bike...

Doug C said...

Dan - Jeff is a skilled news reporter and a passionate safety advocate. He's already scored some pretty impressive interviews. I hope the site is successful.

Baron - The air bag is an interesting concept but I can't see spending the $2K for it. Prob'ly more for the racing market.

Baron's Life said...

Doug...it isn't really the question of spending 2K on it..it's just that I think if it happens I'll be thrown off radar..so what would this contraption do for me.
Would it not be better, here again...thinking out of the box... to design and manufacture say a vest, sweater or jackect that would have a James bond like eject effect depending on the situation...let's face...when riding...if u need help...ur dead baby... ain't it the truth...?

Jeffrey said...

Thank you all. I'll confess I used to joke about safety when I was a brash youth.

I am a risk taker by nature, and it is a wonder I am still here.

As it is, I saw the safety issue for motorcycles as a topic that could use coverage.

I am looking to refine direction. If anyone has any good ideas for me to look at, I am all ears.

Making "safety" interesting (not dry) will take art and skill, I think.

Not saying it cannot be done.

I love the "fun" part of riding, but as I've said before, I do not want only to "live to ride," I want to ride, and live another day to tell about it ..."

Feel free to email me any ideas to make this site worthwhile.