Sunday, March 22, 2009

The past 10 days or so have been hectic at work and home. I knew I was busy and there just didn't seem like there was enough time in the day. I always blamed that on my poor time management skills or my incredible ability to focus intently on a task causing me to lose track of time.

One sign I was busy was my lack of post to this blog. I try to post something every two or three days. That fell by the wayside...

The other sign that I've been busy was my reading list in my Google Reader. Friday I had 182 unread articles! I follow or subscribe to 25 or 30 sites and those sites, with the exception of prolific writers like Conchscooter of Key West Diaries or prolific posters like Baron's Life in BC, Canada, usually post once or twice a week.

The list is a good variety of interesting people with tales to tell, news to share, or commentaries to put forth. I can usually clear out the unread list of 20 or so articles in about 30 minutes each day. But 182 posts is a chunk to chew on.

So now that the Boss/Owner at work has returned to his Bonita Springs hideaway and many of my projects seem to have settle into there own rhythm, I might be able to return to my slower paced work flow. Which allows me a few minutes each day to read articles.

That is unless the Boss/Spouse has a project or two for me. I try to entice her to forget about my honey-do list by suggesting a ride somewhere, but it doesn't always work.

That was the case Saturday, so in between chores I whittled my unread post list down to a manageable dozen.

Sunday we rode and I'll have a post about it soon.

Ride Safe!

Doug C


Singing to Jeffrey's Tune said...

I live close to Bonita Springs (relative). If you get an invite down there sometime, drop me a line. At the least I can tell you local tips on places to visit, tour, and eat (assuming your boss could too). Love the blog as I am from north of Cincinati and south of Dayton.

Doug C said...

If I ever get an invite, I'll be sure to look you up. Pretty certain the invite won't come, though.

I have users I support remotely in the Bahamas and the Caymans and I keep telling them they need some on-site support from me but I never get the call! ;-)

irondad said...

I always have to remind myself that the blog is an expressive tool, not a master. Easier said than done, of course!