Friday, March 13, 2009

A Taste of Good Things to Come

When I was young, there were times when I would come home from playing in the neighborhood and as soon as my feet hit the back porch steps I knew that Mom had been baking cookies. If the air was moving a certain direction, I might even smell the baking goodness before I got the to the steps.

It was always a disappointment when I would find out that the cookies were promised for some other event besides dinner or a snack; maybe a church bake sale or a care package for a friend. Mom would sometimes take pity on me (or just wanted me to stop whining) and let me have one delectable treasure, but not always. When the baked bootie was bound for somewhere else my sweet hopes would evaporate faster than early morning dew in the desert.

In some ways, the warm temperatures central Ohio embraced last weekend were a lot like finding out that Mom's cookies were for someone else - disappointing. The few days of above average temps were quickly yanked away as more seasonal temperatures returned and riders of all persuasions walked away from their garages with disappointment perched on their pouting lips.

Mother Nature is teasing us, I tell myself, giving us a glimpse of things to come. And the warmer weather will come. As D. Brent Miller reminded us on Sojourn Chronicles, it is after all, still winter. For a few more days, anyway.

Doug C


Baron's Life said...

OK, I'm usually a tough guy, but have to admit....reluctantly...this post brought tears to my eyes, as reading it I also visualized myself walking up the back porch and smelling my mom's cooking as I stepped in through the back porch door after spending a rambunctious time in the backyard looking at and flirting with the nubile girls next door...yes I was a dirty old man even then... what really got me emotionally going today is that we found out that our beloved mom who's 85 has 3 months to live , at best, as Cancer has invaded her body. Thanks for your post..It made me realize and appreciate how much family and family life means in the long term
God Bless you all

Doug C said...

Baron - As we move trough life at the speed of light (or least highway speeds) seldom do we take the time to reflect on the really important things, which realy aren't things at all. Its when we see the "Bump Ahead" sign that we slow enough to allow our minds to focus on family and family life.

I am reminded of a quote from a popular book and even more popular movie:

Death is not the end, just another path, one which we must take. The grey veil of this world rolls back and all turns to silver glass...

Grace be yours on this path we call life.

Baron's Life said...

Thanks Doug for your conforting words.

irondad said...

Baron's Life,
I offer my own words of comfort if they can be of use to you.

Thanks a lot! You know what my kitchen will be smelling like this weekend. Maybe I'll take some to my mother.

Baron's Life said...

Thanks Irondad.
much appreciated.