Sunday, May 3, 2009

This 3 day trip was something I had planned for about a month and as if we needed a reason to ride it was the celebration of our 32nd anniversary. The forecast was for dry weather and warm temperatures and for once the weather guessers got it right.

We were excited about all the great pics we took the first hour, but then the camera malfunctioned and no amount of chicken bones or dancing would revive it. So, no pics on this trip. But we do have a couple of stories and some recommendations on some great Ohio roadways.

We headed south out of Newark on SR 13 for several miles but just outside Somerset we turned west on SR 256 for about a mile or 2 and followed SR 664 south.

While SR 664 is indeed a state route it is definitely a rural road that travels through some picturesque farmland. The route goes through Rushville and Bremen and is in good condition. It has several hills and dips with many gentle sweeping curves and a few head turners; you know, the kind where you need to really turn your head to see the exit of the turn. There are a few Amish farms in the area so watch out for horse drawn vehicles and the occasional string of road apples.

We followed SR 664 to Logan where we stopped for a quick bite to eat and then hopped on US 33 going towards Nelsonville where we planned on visiting the Rocky Boots and Outdoor Wear Factory Outlet store.

The store is in a century old factory building that’s about 60 feet wide and 200 feet long and has 3 floors. They have dozens of styles, models, and brands of boots and outdoor shoes for sale along with apparel from T-shirts to overalls to infant onesies. The bike apparel section was modest but held my attention for about 20 minutes, which in “husband shopping with wife time” is about half a day.

Teresa says they had a great selection of collectible and gift items which is where she spent most of her time and would have spent most of her money had we not been traveling with full saddlebags and very little room in the tail bag.

We moved on after about an hour and continued south on US 33 to Athens where we hopped on US 35 going towards Polmeroy, Ohio. The winds were coming out of the south west and gusts were up to 35 mph. My helmet's not the quietest on the market (or my head) and after about an hour of traveling the high ridges of US 35 we arrived in Polmeroy and I was glad for a little quiet.

Polmeroy sits beside the Ohio river and is a small town, it turns out. It has only one hotel and we had passed the turn off for it about 5 miles back. So, we continued on to Gallipolis, Ohio, another 20 minutes or so, where we stayed the night.

After we unloaded the bike, we traveled into the center of town and had dinner at a local eatery, the Court Side Bar and Grill. Good food and a fun wait staff. During dinner we took the time to plan the next day's travels.

Huntington, West Virginia, Lexington, Kentucky, and our final stop, the historic town of Carollton, Kentucky.

More to come...

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Baron's Life said...

Unfortunate about the Camera Doug..Great story, not sure if you've actually seen the horse drawn buggies...
Happy 35th to you both...age well!