Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The 12 bikes for all of the riders on the California trip left Ohio yesterday in the back of a semi trailer. The 21 riders making the trip from California to Ohio will fly out this Friday. I plan on leaving Ohio on my ride Saturday, July 11th and will meet them in Gillette, Wyoming 3 days later.

The preparations for my portion of the trip are progressing. I added highway bars and foot pegs so I can stretch out my legs on the highway. I added a couple of sockets to my tool kit and need to buy one turn signal bulb and a spare head lamp bulb for the "just in case" bag. I also purchased a tire repair kit with CO2 canisters also for the "just-in-case" bag

I should probably replace my front brake pads before I leave. Having a set for when I might need it is not the same as having new brake pads installed.

The do/need to buy list is down to just a few items:

Cup or bottle holder
Cargo net
Map pouch for the tank
Cramp Buster wrist rest

I'm trying to temper my excitement and anticipation of the trip with careful planning. There was a time when I would say, "Let's just go; if we need anything, we'll buy it when we get there." But things are different in this economy and when travelling on a bike.

And that feeling persists... Have I forgotten anything?

Ride Safe!


Rick said...

Believe me, you always forget something! No big deal though.

Arizona Harley Dude said...

Have a great trip and ride safe Doug. Look forward to hearing about your adventures.

TKD Road Warrior said...

First Aid kit?

TKD Road Warrior said...

Sounds like a great ride. Looking forward to seeing the pics from you and the group that's headed out. Sounds like it will be an unforgettable ride!

Doug C said...

Rick - Truer word seldom spoken!

AZ Dude - Thanks. Should be interesting!

Jeff - Arrrgh! I can't believe I forgot that little item. BTW, Kelli & Don Sears will be posting pics on their FB account during the trip. I'll try to share some of those the week that they are traveling before I hit the road to meet them.

irondad said...

"And that feeling persists... Have I forgotten anything?"

Don't forget to have fun.

dave said...

It is July 7 as I write this and all I can say is have a great time, ride safe. I am so jealous of you and Brent (sojourn chronicles). My version of a long ride this year is limited to a couple hundred miles at a time. Write on :) - dave