Sunday, July 5, 2009

Don and Kelli are the sweep riders of one of the two groups of six bikes, bringing up the rear so to speak. Kelli has a mobile device and is providing pics for those of us not fortunate to make the trip or even ride at all.

The Golden Gate Bridge

The streets of San Francisco

At one of the meetings prior to their departure, the riders were strongly encouraged to maintain the same riding positions. That way you become familiar with the riding habits of those around you. So any of the riding pictures Kelli takes will probably be of the back of Curt and Sharon's heads.
Curt and Sharon are the riders that ran into a deer near Marietta last year. No deer on these streets, though. They did swap their half helmets for full face models. A wise decision, I suspect, plus they have a really cool bluetooth intercom. I love toys like that.


Arizona Harley Dude said...

Great pictures and it is good to know that they planned ahead on the riding positions. A gripe I have in group riding is when folks keep changing where they are within the group. That is why I always ride sweep or stay home.

Doug C said...

AZ HD - A valid concern particularly if you're not familiar with the rider next to you.

I usually make it a point to let the rider in front of me know that I will do my best not to violate his lateral space which should help to ease their concerns. However, I never get that from the riders behind me. Must be me...