Monday, August 24, 2009

As I write this this, I noticed the clock on my desk is telling me it is 5:02am EDT. Now 5:03am. I'll leave the house on my commute for work at about 6:00am. By that time the temperature outside will have dropped another degree or so. Right now, it's hovering around 52º F and I am debating in my head if I should wear long thermal underwear. The trip is an hour long and I really don't want to be an ice cube until mid morning.
I had a friend remind me recently that, back when we were kids growing up, back before global warming was a problem, our summers used to be really, really hot. Nowadays, August in Ohio feels more like August in northern Ontario.
I'll nix the long johns, but chaps are a definite must this morning.
Ride Safe!


Baron's Life said...

I've been on icy roads in Ohio plenty of times between Canton and Stowe (The little airport in Canton always amazes me) but yeah..the weather change is phenomenal even here in BC... Your point well taken

irondad said...

It seems like it's gotten cold in the mornings earlier this summer. Had the same decision early yesterday. Go for the insulation. Comfortable is also safer.

Way to keep representing the two wheeled commuters!

Doug C said...

Baron - I'm not sure if global warming or cooling is a reality or not. But climate change is something that can and will be devastating. Temperature extremes seem to be becoming the norm anymore.

Dan - Both you and Baron are at higher latitudes than I so I would expect cooler morning this time of year for the two of you. However, I think you have even had some really hot days earlier this month. But this has been a summer short on record highs in my neck of the woods.

I even bought an open face helmet this spring for when the +90º days arrived. So far, I've worn it twice and opted for the comfort (and safety) of the full face the rest of the time.

Lance said...

I'm feeling the change in weather in the Puget Sound area - much cooler in the mornings - one morning I left without my liner to my jacket, which was a mistake. The next day it was so much better with the liner. Although I still have to remove it for the trip home.