Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Heath, Ohio, a community adjacent to Newark is smaller but has a high traffic area. Recently they installed 10 new traffic cameras for both speed and red lights. The cameras were in place for a month sending out warning letters. The grace period is over.

The little demons have been recording violations for 4 weeks and nearly 10,000 citations have been issued, including to one driver, a resident of the city (Nerkites call them Heathans) that received 6 in one day, on one trip.

Everyone is getting pretty jerky about the cameras, especially area merchants and the city leadership is on the hot seat because the cameras are about safety, not money - even though the potential take for 1 month of fines is about 1/8 the city's annual budget or about $800,000.


Singing to Jeffrey's Tune said...

Wow, that is a lot of citations. Two sides of the coin, are people doing what they should not be doing? If so, can one really complain? I suspect a balance will be found. Good luck and be well!

Doug C said...

Jeffrey - It seems we have well ballanced people running the city of Heath. A news announcement came out the other day and stunned me. See the next post.

Baron's Life said...

Big brother is watching and he's also got his hand in your wallet...we got them here as well