Friday, September 25, 2009

The Mad Rush

There has been lots of activity on the home and work fronts over the past several weeks.

My company's business tends to increase during economic down turns and this current business climate has shown evidence of that. Not that I'm complaining. Right now, busy is good.

We've increased our modest work force by about 20% and that means additional PCs and work areas setup along with all the behind the scenes "stuff" to make it all work. Plus, a couple of the positions we filled are in an office in Pekin, Illinois. That work requires one day travel and a day of setup.

Unfortunately, I'll be caging it to Pekin unless I can figure out a way to load Lady up with computers, monitors, and a laserjet printer. That trip comes this Sunday and Monday.

And then comes the week long sprint to my daughter's wedding Saturday, October 3rd.

I learned pretty quickly in the wedding preparation process that my sole responsibility during this time was to simply write the checks and provide plastic, in the form of a credit card. I am, of course, a man, and a man simply cannot grasp the intricacies and nuances of wedding planning. At least that's what I was told early on. (I think my creative use of duct tape over the years sealed my fate on this count!)

I scheduled vacation time the week leading up to the wedding and since my participation so far was limited to signing my signature, I just knew that the last several days of prep would allow me some quality riding time. But no.

It will be my duty to run errands picking up this and paying for that because I'm off work and no one else scheduled vacation time... and, of course, I'd do anything my daughter.

So be forewarned... After this is over, it's time for some time on 2 wheels. Just as long as my throttle hand hasn't cramped up from writing all those checks!

Ride Safe!


Lance said...

Nice post Doug. Ah, the things we will do for our daughters! Mine is not yet of marrying age, but I am already been trained in my role of plastic provider. Enjoy this time, and hope you get some rides in!

D. Brent Miller said...

Hey! I grew up and went to high school in Pekin, IL -- Class of 1968! What a small world.


Doug C said...

Lance - My wife and I seem to strike a balance, somehow. I'm really looking forward to the rest after the hustle and bustle.

Brent - The world is small indeed. Others in the office have called Pekin "quaint" but I bet both it and Tremont are probably not so inocent anymore.

cpa3485 said...

Nice post and like the picture of bride and groom.
I have much fear of a possible marriage of my daughter about a year from now. I am sure the costs will be out of control and like you, I will have little input. Still wondering how I can take her down the aisle on my scooter.

Doug C said...

CPA3485 - Start saving now. We only had about 6 months and it looks like we'll be able to pay cash for about 2/3 of it. There's a lot to be said for sweat equity, too.

Going down the isle on a scooter? I love it!!

Take care.