Monday, December 14, 2009

Many years ago during another lifetime, I worked retail clothing sales at a large department store chain. The chain's big sale event of the yet-to-arrive Christmas season took place near the end of October and afterwards we learned that our location in "rural" Licking county out sold all other locations in two categories: Men's flannel shirts and women's thong underwear. A strange juxtaposition of fashions, to say the least.

It really spoke volumes about Licking county and our location became known throughout the division as the flannel shirts and thongs store.

A few months ago I posted a local story that made international headlines about a man that was cited with DUI while driving a motorized barstool.

Well the motorized barstool is back in the news...

Motorized barstool sells for $1,125 on eBay

(Eric George, The Advocate)

NEWARK -- As the minutes ticked down toward the closing of an eBay bidding war for the motorized barstool that launched Newark into national headlines, the going price remained steady: $1,125.

The 37th bidder placed the winning bid on Dec. 7 and remained the high bidder until the close of the auction at 9 p.m. Sunday.

The starting price for the barstool, initially listed on Dec. 3, was 99 cents.

The contraption is a metal barstool with a padded seat and welded to a frame, equipped with a 5-horsepower engine, steering wheel and four tires.

It launched into notoriety after its owner, Kile Wygle, 29, was charged with driving under the influence after he crashed the contraption in March in Newark.

He pleaded guilty the next month.

A Licking County judge ruled in June any profit from the sale of the stool should go toward back child support. At the time, Wygle owed about $37,000. (from the (Newark) Advocate)

Twenty-five years ago it was flannel shirts and thongs. Now-a-days...

Ride Safe


Stephen Baird said...

You are clearly a genius! I think this has serious potential. If it can get up to 50 mph you could drive it home on the interstate. Can you see fighting a DUI received while sitting on a barstool? Sorry your honor I thought I was still in the bar having flashbacks of a previous ride home.
NikonSniper Steve

irondad said...

It's an interesting world, isn't it? I would bet that the same women buying the thongs were buying the men's flannel shirts and wearing both. Do the men in Licking County smile a lot?

As to the bar stool, I just don't know what to say.