Monday, February 1, 2010

Cycleworld Motorcycle Show - Cleveland

I had the opportunity to join some friends attending the Cycleworld Motorcycle Show in Cleveland over the weekend. Being my first bike show, I had no reference with which to compare the event. However, my impression is that it was a modest event.

We drove to Cleveland the night before (we wanted to ride but none of the bikes had snow tires mounted! and the temperature was 8ยบ F) and got to the I-X Center as soon as they opened Saturday.

Here are some of the pics...
The T-Rex
Some fancy tank artwork
V-Strom. Very nice.
Everything chromed had been blued, too.
Wheelchair accessible trike custom conversion.
The conversion is done on a BMW. The company's logo covers the BMW logo.

Before we left for the day, we saw this 1949 restored Indian. And it looks like...'s ownership might be in question.
Or, maybe there's peace in the family.

You can see the entire photo album here.
Ride Safe!


Chuck Pefley said...

Great eye-candy there. The rear end of the orange "whatever you call it" has the look of a Ferrari. Perfect winter time activity to promote longing for spring!

Doug C said...

Chuck - Yep, great activity. Hit the 'wish books' before December and shows after the new year.

Ground Hog Day in Ohio brings us overcast skies and light snow... Maybe it *will* be an early spring!