Saturday, February 6, 2010

It started as big, wet flakes. That was about 24 hours and 12 inches ago. Now the skies are filled with a fine wintry powder and the scene outside my front door is nice to look but I'm glad that no driving is required of me today. That is until this evening and my wife and I will visit her father. Here's to hoping the county snow crews are able to clear our path to his rural home.

My neighbor John, fired up his new snowblower yesterday afternoon and cleared my walks and my other neighbor Danny help to clear my driveway, without a snowblower. But the new snow has left me with another 4 or 5 inches to clear again.

When it comes to neighbors, I really am fortunate. Blessed, even. John is probably one of the most sincere and genuine people I know. A soft spoken man with an affinity for people of all types and a passion for family and riding. John is the one who rode with me to Wyoming last summer, an act that was not lost on Teresa since she feared my demise on a solo adventure.

The 10 days I spent riding with John last year gave me only glimpse of what a truly generous and caring person he is, devoting his time and expertise (mechanic, carpenter, taxi driver) to charities, family and friends, like me.

But, enough reminiscing about warmer (and dryer) times. My snow covered sidewalks are calling my name. That may have been what jerked me off my bike and out of 80ยบ F temps and back to reality. Besides, I'm sure my letter carrier will appreciate less slippery footing, at least on my share of walkway. (12 inches or so ain't so bad compared to 30 inches in Washington DC!!)

Spring really can't come soon enough.


Micah said...

You guys got a lot more than we did in Toledo. My parents in Zanesville got about the same as you, and they lost power for a few hours.

I second the thought that Spring can't get here soon enough!

Chuck Pefley said...

Snow is certainly beautiful to look at, but a smaller blessing when it needs to be shoveled.

Riding solo is great, but riding with a good friend makes a lot of the "what-if" concerns disappear for sure. I'll be riding from Seattle to San Antonio in May with one of those capable types and am definitely looking forward to the adventure.

Spring is here already in Seattle, and I've given it instructions to move eastward as we are ready for summer!

Doug C said...

Micah - No loss of power here, thank God. Hope your parents faired well.

Chuck - I agree with your premise of a riding partner. It makes the event more enjoyable when you can share the experience.

A ride to San Antonio sounds like a Great Adventure. Are taking the California route or a more direct SE trip?

Either Spring is being contrary or has at least one more winter storm to get out of its system. Another 4 to 8 inches is forecast for Tuesday into Wednesday, here. Opportunity for more pics...

irondad said...

I'm sorry about the snow. Although enjoyable in December, this is the time of year when riding should be happening.

We're in the rain but at least it doesn't need shoveled.

Hang in there!

At least you are strong enough to count your blessings and look at the positive things!