Monday, April 5, 2010

Back in January, at the zenith of cabin fever season, I started ripping up our old downstairs carpeting. It was well past its prime, much like our 80 year old house. But unlike our house, the carpet had no redeeming qualities left in it. I knew the flooring underneath was original oak hardwood strips and I was curious just what conditions I would find.

With nearly all of our living room furniture moved into the dining room and the carpet bundled up and at the curb, the floor was revealed. What I saw was disheartening. And, had I any common sense, I would have covered the up and down, roller coaster flooring with a leveling compound to fill the low spots and lock in the loose strips, and then buried the hardwood under carpeting again for the next 15 years. That's if I had any common sense.

As I sat at the edge of the room contemplating the direction to go, I imagined the floor many years ago in its former prime. It reminded me of the home in which I grew up. Those floors were in much better condition - flat and smooth with tight seams, fine grains and a warm, rich cinnamon color.

In a moment of nostalgic reminiscence, I decided to replace the floor. And that's when the project started to grow:
  • Remove the old strips - no sub-floor underneath
  • Level floor joists
  • Glue and screw new sub-floor
  • Route new electrical outlets
  • Route new warm and cold air ducts
  • Raise fireplace hearth and firebox
  • Plumb for new gas logs
  • Wrap mantel and fireplace surround in wood and tile

The above list is a thumbnail sketch of the expanded project. Needless to say, with the exception of the trip to Daytona Bike Week, this is where most of my free time and money for the past 2 months has been spent. It's been a challenging task and one that I thought would have been on the "Done List" by now. Especially now, since prime riding weather has visited us in central Ohio.

I promise to have more motorcycle related posts as soon as I sweep out the saw dust.


irondad said...

You ride a motorcycle in the cold and then complain that you have no common sense? What did you expect?

Just a note from your fellow psyche ward roomie.

Doug C said...

Ha! Just goes to show that common sense is not so common.

Here's to a great, and safe, riding season!

Doug C

dave said...

Planning on coming through your neck of the woods on Saturday - headed for Mid Ohio on the Goldwing to watch/ride with some friends at a Porsche owners driving school. Maybe we will pass :)

Doug C said...

Dave - Mid-Ohio is a great place and the driving school sounds like fun.

If you are planning to travel SR-13, there is a detour due to a closure at Waterworks Road in north Newark. The detour takes you through Granville and to Mt Vernon via SR-661, I think.

I imagine you will be traveling I-71, but if you pass through Newark, suggest you take North 21st Street north from SR-16 to SR-13 bypassing the closure.

Have a safe trip!

Kenton said...

I feel your pain.