Wednesday, May 26, 2010


It was lunch time and I was hungry. So I grabbed my sun glasses and hopped on the bike. The fast food restaurant was just around the corner and I decided to fore go my helmet for the 1/2 mile ride.

At the parking lot I pulled into the only open parking space, right beside a Hilliard Police cruiser - cops gotta eat too - and walked across the parking lot to the entrance. As I passed between cars in line for the drive through window, I heard a female voice say, "Where's your helmet!"

I looked around and at first only saw the police officer passing between the line of cars, too. And then I saw the face of an office co-worker who was in line for the drive through shaking her finger at me.

"You should be wearing your helmet!" she said. Sheepishly, I nodded and said, "Yes, mom. But it's only a half mile here." She frowned and pulled forward. "See ya back at the office."

I turned to enter the building and saw the cop smiling at me and holding the door open.

"I get the same thing from my wife." he said. "Of course, I promised her when I got my bike, I'd always wear my helmet."

I nodded my head understanding completely. "I think I may have made that same promise to my wife." I said.

Yep. Busted.


D. Brent Miller said...

I know ... it's only a short distance. The temptation is so strong. Why fuss with a helmet? Because it could save you from serious injury. Broken bones can heal. Head trauma will change your life ... and not for good. --Brent

cpa3485 said...

I did a similar thing a few days ago, but was busted by the wife who was standing in the driveway when I got home. Believe me, being busted by the wife is much worse.

Jeffry said...

I know about the temptation well. There is a strip mall 5 blocks from the house with both a Starbucks and a Panara Bread. For me, having watched a number of students in the motorcycle classes I teach bounce there helment on the asphalt simply scares me into always wearing mine. I can only image how nice it feels to have the wind in the hair.

Doug C said...

Of course, you are all correct in your observations and mostly preaching to the choir, though, by my own admission, I sometimes sing off key and a little off tempo.

I have to work on that...


irondad said...

I have the added onus of being an active instructor. God forbid I would get caught like that.

Not meant as a comment on your choice. Only remarking on my particular situation and credibility.

Once I stopped by a liquor store on the way home wearing my retroflective instructor vest. That got me some funny looks.

bobskoot said...


We don't have the choice here in BC as helmets are compulsory.

I remember a long time ago when we crossed the border into Washington state, where you could remove your helmet under a couple of conditions.

1) headlight on
2) windshield or eye protection

after a mile or so it felt so uncomfortable that we put our helmets back on.

too much wind noise and it just felt unsafe.

Wet Coast Scootin

Doug C said...

Bob - totally understand about the wind noise. Some of the states even have restrictions on hearing protection and speakers in helmets.

Dan - Ha! Reminds me of my Mom's Christmas friut cake... always ladden with Canadian Club. But being the wife of a preacher, she didn't dare go to the liquor store herself! That task usualy fell on my sister...