Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The road construction project that is state route 161 between Granville and New Albany turned its first shovel of dirt in the summer of 2006. For almost 18 months I watched "progress" being made on each side of the highway as properties were purchased, utilities were moved, and 15+ miles of country side were stripped bare.

And then, encroaching slowly, orange barrels popped up on the highway, traffic slowed to 45 MPH, and work zone signs warned drivers of penalties.

Photo: Newark Advocate

It remained in that state of active construction for nearly 30 months while the replacement for our 2 lane state highway, a 4 lane superslab, slowly took shape.

The road construction project for SR 161 completes this week. Soon, all the orange barrels will move on and all the road signs will be green and white. Except the 65 MPH signs, of course.

I'll make my daily commute 15 minutes faster with no traffic lights or dangerous intersections.

The route is beautiful. Our community has wanted this highway improvement for 15 years or more. And my commute is faster, if not shorter.

So why is it, on my homeward bound trip, I find myself exiting the superslab early and riding the old 2 lane road (mostly) home?

The joy is in the journey.

Ride Safe


bobskoot said...


you are lucky you have a good freeway system. I live in the centre of town. The city fathers do not want freeways in the city, so all highways end at the city limits. You have to snake your way around the urban mess to get to the outskirts, where I work. The freeways start East of my work location so the road improvements don't do me any good at all.

to travel the 15 miles to work takes around 45 minutes. the travel home can be over an hour

Wet Coast Scootin

Doug C said...

Bob - I am very fortunate, indeed.

Sounds like your city is the perfect scenario for public transit.