Friday, July 16, 2010

Remodel Progress

Over the past several years, since I've been riding, virtually every free weekend was spent traveling on 2 wheels. While some might consider this an example of being overly passionate about riding, my weekend getaway rides tended to be therapeutic.

This year, the weekends over the past 4 months have be filled with anguish because they were spent indoors with a remodeling project in our home. More than once I would catch myself looking outside at the beautiful weather and listening to more fortunate riders and their steel steeds in route to somewhere.

But, the end of the project is in sight and only a day or two more of labor remain. Here are some photos of the progress...

There was no subfloor and the existing hardwood had more hills and valleys than eastern Tennessee.

A new level subfloor that doesn't creak.

The new solid hardwood flooring for the living room.

...and the dining room.

After the plumbing and logs installed.

Still a work in progress - tile, paint, and stain.

Cost for the project was about $3,000 and by doing the work myself, I figure we saved about the same amount.

The time that it took to complete seemed endless. Working several hours each free night and weekend has taken its toll. Next time I'll take a week or two vacation time and knock it out all at once.

Next weekend... I'm riding.

Ride Safe!


Joe said...

A beautiful job, Doug! Still plenty of delicious summer left for you to ride too!

Doug C said...

Joe - Thanks. And you're right. Plenty if summer left!

irondad said...

Go and enjoy your ride. Celebrate a job well done. Just resist the urge to frolic. That doesn't look too cool on a cruiser!

Doug C said...

Dan - Au contraire, mon ami... everything you do on a cruiser looks cool. But I'll take your advice anyway! LOL!