Saturday, August 21, 2010

Just couldn't wait any longer!!

While some friends and I were riding in northern Michigan visiting both the UP and LP, I got a phone call from Teresa who stayed home this trip.

It seems my first grand baby was anxious to see the new world and decided to strike out on his own... 9 weeks early!

Both Mom and Baby Noah are doing well in spite of his early arrival. He is on a C-PAP machine because he sometimes forgets to breath. Sorta like me, sometimes, I guess.

3 lbs. 8oz. and 17 in. long, he'll stay in the hospital for another 4 weeks or so.
Oh, Michigan was very nice. I'll share a little about that trip in a few days.
Ride Safe!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Riders just can't seem to get a break sometimes.

This sad story from Iowa:

4 motorcyclists killed when truck hits them head-on in interstate construction zone in Iowa

Published August 09, 2010

Associated Press

Authorities say four motorcyclists have been killed in a head-on collision on Interstate-29 in western Iowa.

Iowa Department of Public Safety spokeswoman Courtney Greene says the accident happened Monday evening when a pickup truck crossed the center line in a construction zone and hit four motorcycles.

Greene says the accident happened along a section of I-29 near Little Sioux where lanes were separated by orange cones. Little Sioux sits along the Nebraska, about 40 miles north of Omaha.

The motorcyclists' names have not been released.

Greene says they were traveling together. All four were men in their late 50s and early 60s. Three were from Iowa and one was from Nebraska.

Greene says one was wearing a helmet.