Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Riders just can't seem to get a break sometimes.

This sad story from Iowa:

4 motorcyclists killed when truck hits them head-on in interstate construction zone in Iowa

Published August 09, 2010

Associated Press

Authorities say four motorcyclists have been killed in a head-on collision on Interstate-29 in western Iowa.

Iowa Department of Public Safety spokeswoman Courtney Greene says the accident happened Monday evening when a pickup truck crossed the center line in a construction zone and hit four motorcycles.

Greene says the accident happened along a section of I-29 near Little Sioux where lanes were separated by orange cones. Little Sioux sits along the Nebraska, about 40 miles north of Omaha.

The motorcyclists' names have not been released.

Greene says they were traveling together. All four were men in their late 50s and early 60s. Three were from Iowa and one was from Nebraska.

Greene says one was wearing a helmet.


bobskoot said...


Doug, the thing that upsets me the most is that everytime we read about these accidents where innocent bikers are involved they always make the mention about "helmets". Nothing is ever mentioned about the driver of the cage, whether they were speeding, or the age, or if they had been drinking, etc . . .

Wet Coast Scootin

Doug C said...

Bob - I totally agree, and there won't be a follow up story. If the demographics of print journalists mirrors the driving population, I suppose a story from a non-rider's perspective is to be expected.

irondad said...

At least the article put blame where it belonged. So many seem to word it so that it looks like the motorcyclist was at fault.

Not to lose sight of the fact that this was a totally tragic incident. Godspeed to them wherever they are and to their families.

Steve Williams said...

When I read these reports I always wish I knew more. How fast, how far apart, day or night, alcohol, etc. Maybe it is just a way for me to rationalize why I am not at as much risk.

As irondad expressed it's just a tragic incident and a reminder that accidents happen.

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

Doug C said...

Steve & Dan -

Another motorcycle fatality occurred in town while I was in Michigan last week. A single vehicle crash of a MC with a 23 year old rider who was soon to be a dad.

Traveling over 100mph, the rider failed to negotiate the curve on an exit ramp. No helmet in the world is gonna protect you from that impact.

A sad week for sure.