Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dear Curt

Dear Curt,

Today's weather forecast promised great motorcycle riding weather and so I did what every rider does given the opportunity; I fired up my motorcycle and rode to work.

Unfortunately, when I arrived at work and entered the light of our offices (I don't like riding to work in the dark, but oh well), I discovered that I was the victim of a wardrobe failure with my jeans. It probably happened as I got on the bike this morning. I never heard anything tear since I had my iPod playing and earphones in. It does, however, explain why my commute this morning, while quite enjoyable, did seem a little more "breezy" than usual.

My modesty (and fear of arrest) will keep me from participating in today's lunch gathering. To my disappointment, "the breech" is large enough that even my riding chaps won't hide the failure! The ride home this afternoon - in the daylight!!! - should prove... well, interesting.

Please accept my sincere apologies for not being able to attend and let everyone know of my regrets and at the same time my hope that my misfortune has provided the group with a "brief" moment of levity. I know I'll miss seeing all of the old work gang. I won't miss their reaction at seeing too much of me.



irondad said...

Thus full riding pants!

Doug C said...

Yes, Dan, a 'stitch would have solved all my problems (pun intended!) lol!