Thursday, March 17, 2011

I just returned from a short ride (about an hour) through the central Ohio country side and it was just what the doctor ordered.

In past years, I have ridden many times through the course of the winter. But this year's winter has been brutal for us and the bike never left the garage.

The county and townships use cinders and sand on icy roads around here and that was an obstacle to watch out for; plenty of places to loose traction. Aside from that, the weather cooperated with some clouds and sun and temps hovering around 63ยบ.

It had been nearly four months since I had been on 2 wheels and I almost forgot what it was like to lean a bike into a curve, to have the centrifugal forces press my butt into the saddle as I roll on the throttle and clicked through the gears. Lady felt really nimble and responded easily to my touch.

At first I realized that I had the tendency to over-steer and that I was tense and stiff from my shoulders down to my fingertips. But after several minutes, my grip loosened, my shoulders relaxed and my course became true and smooth.

I am sure that I'll need several more rides before the skills I had last November return. But the enjoyment is here now.

Enjoy the Journey!


Dave said...

Hi Doug - just catching up. Sorry about the job, glad that you have a healthy attitude about where/what God will do for you.
Getting ready to take my first advanced riders class (with GWRRA)and am really excited, have read of quite a few people taking this class early each year to sharpen those skills that went dormant through the winter. Maybe for you??

Doug C said...

Thanks Dave. I'll check out what they might offer around here.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

irondad said...

I, too, am sorry about the job situation. I hear you're pretty good at home remodeling, though!

As for riding: relax and enjoy.

Just don't frolic, please!

Doug C said...

Dan - You always know how to make people smile.

Enjoy the journey.