Saturday, March 26, 2011

Man Cave Afternoon

Veggies and dip, cheese and crackers, and Chex party mix; that is the spread set before me by the missus. I think she is afraid I will perish without sustenance as I sit at my keyboard. The kitchen, the source of my sustenance is not considered "off limits" but the spaces between it and my man cave are filled wall-to-wall with chatting and laughing women, all oohing and aahing at handbags, gifts and bobbles; all products for sale or order. My trespass into their gathering would not go unnoticed by the missus.

It is what I call a "girl's party.' The products sold at girl's parties range from storage containers to jewelry. Wedding and baby showers don't really fall into this category because no product is sold.

Ordinarily, I would make a stealthy exit prior to the arrival of the guests, spending the time riding on 2 wheels or perhaps parked at a table at a local sports eatery. But the temps today have just now reached the freezing mark and my favorite sports team was defeated last night.

The parties that my wife usually hosts are normally small affairs, limited to a few family members. But this event was shared at work between friends and co-workers and the chatter I hear below reminds me of a weekend sale at Fillene's Basement.

I'm glad they're having a good time. I'd rather have them hanging out at my house and know what they are doing, than have them somewhere else and not know what they're doing.... Wait. That phrase goes for teenagers. Whatever.

So I sit in my man cave, listening to sports radio, looking at my sustenance, and wondering how ranch dressing might enhance the taste of a chocolate chip.

I'm glad they are having a good time. I get the leftovers.

Enjoy the Journey!



bobskoot said...


I could go for some veggies, dip and perhaps other finger food. At least you are taken care of and being fed. Things could be worse, you could have been shown the door before the ladies arrived.

Perhaps next time they could schedule a warm sunny day for you to enjoy a day by yourself riding around the country

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

irondad said...

If you are thinking about putting ranch dressing on chocolate chips then it is definitely time to get out of the house!

Freezing or not.

Doug C said...

Bob - Never been known to skip 2 meals in a row!

Dan - I passed on the unique combination. Still need to get out of the house, though.