Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring is on the way!

My friend John returned from Daytona Bike Week yesterday and though he may not have brought back a T-shirt for me (I never asked him), he may have brought some warmer weather back with him. Even though it has rained for two days the end of the week looks dry with temps possibly reaching 70ºF.

It's time - past time, actually - to fire up Lady and put some miles on the odometer.

Woo hoo!!

Enjoy the Journey!


Micah said...

It definitely is. We're about 15 or 20 degrees cooler than you are this time of year, but I'll be riding this week.

My dad was over in your neck of the woods looking for a bike today. He was over at K&C Cycle looking at a V Star 950 Tourer to take on a trip with me to Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.

Allen Madding said...

Past time is right, Doug. Glad you are getting some Spring like temps. I was bummed that we had rain this morning, but will be riding to work the rest of the week as best as I can tell from listening to the weather guessers.

Here is hoping that these temps stay around, and we avoid any more frosts. I've had my fill with winter this go round.


bobskoot said...


Right you are. Our winter comprises 6 months of continuous rain. It's so depressing. The forecast is for sunny periods on the first day of Spring

Riding the Wet Coast

Doug C said...

Allen & Micah - Some impressions are attributable to ones age. I find I like winter less and less as I get older.

But I truely believe that, for us, this has been a winter been one of more colder temps and more gray skies than normal.

Bobskoot - I suppose I'd get used to the clime, but gray day affect me in a negative manner. 6 months worth??? yuk.

Nico'Thom said...

Hubby and I are planning to ride the Ohio River from Penn. to Indiana in 10 days or so. Can you promise good weather?? ;) This will be my longest ride ever, so I'm looking forward with some nervousness. It snowed here today! (SE Mich)

Doug C said...

Nico'Thom - As you well know, it's been much cooler here than normal but the scenary on both sides of the river should help keep you warm. I love both Ohio rt. 7 and WV rt. 2.

It will be a wonderful ride. Enjoy the Journey!