Wednesday, May 18, 2011

If there is one thing I have learned during my time on this Earth it is this: Life is full of surprises. We’ve all heard this old adage, but sometimes it takes many seasons to fully realize it. In an odd twist of Providence, the company that was instrumental in causing my unemployment 10 weeks ago offered me a job that I began on May 2nd.

The work consists of much of the same duties as with my former employer. However, I am working with new technology and am part of a team of administrators for a large company. The team part means there is less responsibility upon my shoulders. The large company part means when things break the costs are greater. It seems like an even trade.

The work is challenging because, while it is the same type of work (administrating a computer network and assisting users) the technology is many years newer than I have worked with in the past. Compounding this learning curve is the fact that all but one of my co-workers is much younger than I am; at least a couple of decades younger.

But, I am up for the challenge. Although my body may have a few more aches and pains than these young, fresh-out-of-college, whipper-snappers, I am young at heart and rubbing elbows with them helps to feel younger.

Now, if it would only warm up and stop raining long enough for a decent motorcycle ride…

Enjoy the Journey!

p.s. We were able to ride to Portsmouth, Ohio last weekend. More about that journey soon.


bobskoot said...


congrats on your new job. Hopefully it won't take long before you are back into the swing of things

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Charlie6 said...

technology is always evolving, the principles remain the same....I am sure you'll do fine.

as to having your co-workers be younger, the jr network engineer could qualify as my daughter in terms of age.

oh well


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Brady said...

Glad to see you've got work. It looks like the economy is turning itself around, but who knows for sure. I know I'll be without a job for the first time in years coming this summer. It's exciting, but daunting, too.

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Doug C said...

Bob - thanks!
Dom - It takes some getting use to, but they're all great people.
Brady - Hang in there. Great possibilities will avail themselves to you.

irondad said...

It's not the dust on the bottle, it's what's inside. At least according to a country song!

Too bad the week days in the man cave thinking of weird food combinations had to end, though.

Doug C said...

Dan - I always did like that song. And believe me, it was past time to come out of hibernation.

dave said...

Here I am late to the party, again-congratulations on the new job!! Sooner or later our riding paths will cross, though we may never know it. I hope to be in CBus for vintage jap bikes @ Iron Pony in June...

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Doug C said...

Dave - The party is still going strong! Drop me an email and maybe we can meet when you come to the show.

Allen Madding said...

Doug - glad you found a good place to land. Don't give the JR techs any nevermind. Us old dawgs continue to teach em a thing or two every day. Network Admins with no snow on the roof haven't had the seasoning of experience :)